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Oskar van Rijswijk is a native of the 🇳🇱 Netherlands, living in 🇩🇪 Germany.

I play turn-based chess at on my iPhone and iPad, save my PGN databases in tChess app and read chess books in the Forward Chess app.


Over the years I've been an occasional chess player. Now that I'm retired, I've started playing chess more regularly again.

  • In my teenage years I learned to play chess and enjoyed playing in OTB tournaments with other chess-playing students. Later in life I never became a member of a chess club, because I liked endurance sports clubs better. Occasionally I played a game of chess, but I had few chess players in my circle of acquaintances.
  • About thirty years later I got an e-mail address. These were the early years of the Internet, where you could contact people with similar interests through e-mail clubs. Chess software and a game database became available for my PC. I started playing chess again, became a member of the IECG, learned Portable Game Notation and used e-mail to exchange chess moves and communicate in English with other club members around the world. After a few years my interest in chess subsided a bit.
  • When I retired, I once more started playing chess, at first rated games on my iPhone with tChess Pro. Since I could not yet join the local chess club due to the restrictions in the pandemic years, I upgraded my account at in 2021 to play fair chess games online with other individuals. Over there I now also study, puzzle and play tournaments.