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Oskar van Rijswijk is a native of the 🇳🇱 Netherlands, living in 🇩🇪 Germany.

I play turn-based chess at Chess and the IECC.

On my iPhone and iPad I record my moves on the electronic scoresheet Chess Score Pad and save my PGN database of chess games in tChess.


Over the years I've been an occasional chess player. Recently I started playing chess once more.

  • In my teenage years I learned to play chess and enjoyed playing in tournaments with other chess-playing students. Later in life I never became a member of a chess club, because I liked sports clubs better. Occasionally I played a game of chess, but I had few chess players in my circle of acquaintances.
  • About thirty years later I got an e-mail address. These were the early years of the Internet, where you could contact people with similar interests through e-mail clubs. Chess software and a game database became available for my PC. I started playing chess again, became a member of the IECG, learned Portable Game Notation and used e-mail to exchange chess moves and communicate in English with other club members around the world. After a few years my interest in chess subsided a bit.
  • When I retired, I once more started playing chess, rated games with an app on my phone. Due to the restrictions in the pandemic years I could not join the local chess club, so I explored the chess websites Chess, Chessbase and Lichess to play chess online with other individuals. In 2021 a friend cut the knot for me. We had played chess with e-mail years ago. He had recently joined Chess and asked if I would like to play chess with him there. So now I enjoy the features and fair play at Chess.
  • Apart from being the world's largest online chess community, many clubs play their online tournaments on Chess. Among them, my eye fell on the International E-mail Chess Club (IECC). It has a website, which would not be out of place in an Internet museum, but offers sufficient ease of use. I signed up as a member, read the club guidelines and can now play chess again with club members via e-mail, but also online via Chess. Apart from a sentimental reason, to be a member again of a club that has its roots in the early years of the Internet and runs completely on volunteers and e-mail, I also like the fact that the members play chess with each other with their real names.